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Welcome to Discover Montessori


Our Vision

A world where children discover their potential


Our Mission

We will continue to build a world for children to discover their potential through:

  • Fostering a healthy developmental environment for children.
  • Aligning to best practices.
  • Giving measurable value to parents, children and society.
  • Creation of a home away from home where children feel loved and celebrated.

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        About Montessori Pedagogy

A Prepared and Structured Environment

All learning materials are placed within the child’s reach and the classroom environment is comprised of living things such as plants and pets, which the child learns to care for.

Self – Education

Children have an innate curiosity about the world they inhabit. Montessori methods encourage them to explore this world in a carefully-prepared learning environment that responds to their need to learn and grow.

Uninterrupted 3-hour work cycle

All children are allowed to work uninterrupted for 3 hours. Within this time, they are allowed to talk freely, provided they do not disturb others or be destructive in the environment.

Individualised Presentations

Almost all instruction at a Montessori school takes place on a one-on- one basis. This allows the directress to become familiar with and nurture the unique characteristics of each child. We build trust with each child and with trust learning happens with ease.

Specialised Material

Montessori relies on specially designed apparatus for every period of childhood development, beginning with simple concrete tools and progressing to complex abstract materials. Most of the materials are self-correcting which develops independent learning; thinking and the ability to make comparisons.

Mixed aged Classrooms

The Montessori Method groups children vertically into three-year- cycle age-groups 2 1⁄2 to 6 years old; 6 to 9 years old; and 9 to 12 years old. This family-type structure encourages younger children to learn from older ones, and helps to develop leadership in older children.

Extra Mural Activities


Piano Lessons
private 30 min lessons

A professional pianist gives 30 minute private piano lessons on our campus weekly. We have our own piano on site so our students get practice time before their next lesson.

Dance Lessons
group 50 min classes

A professional choreographer gives group dance lessons on our campus to the children on a weekly bases. Dance styles vary from Hip Hop, Latin, Freestyle and more.

Swimming Lessons
individual/ group 30 min lessons

Outsourced private swimming lessons for our students to learn this critical life skill. Lessons are once a week and transport is included.

Music Box
30 min introduction to musical instruments through song.

Our students get the opportunity once a week to learn and enjoy various musical instruments from Our Music Box team .